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About Us

DAS Integrator Pte Ltd (Singapore) started in 2008. The company came about due to a need in more complex lighting controls (mainly exterior façade lighting) as more and more of the malls and commercial buildings in Singapore wanted to light up as beautiful as possible.

As we have said, “as beautiful as possible” and not “as bright as possible”. The exterior lighting façade of the building has to be able to match the theme that the building itself is presenting. The concept, theme and the type of effects that is desired come from lighting architect after many discussions with the owner. Lighting architect, owner and contractor will then come together to decide what type of light fixtures, control and media content, etc.

Our company will do the pixel mapping and configuration based on the lighting architect, owner and contractor information. The type of control can be DMX protocol, Color Kinetics protocol or some other proprietary protocol. We will first assess whether the protocol and the type of effect are doable and whether we are capable of doing the project based on the requirement and time frame.

As time went by, we have done a number of façade lighting mapping and configuration. We realized that people who do commission, testing and maintenance would like to have in the devices. Thus, we start developing and produce our own dmx drive unit. The product available is on this site.

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