About Us

DAS Integrator Pte Ltd (Singapore) was established in 2008. Our company came about due to a demand in complex lighting controls (both exterior façade lighting and interior server based control) as more commercial buildings in Singapore sought to light up as beautifully and economically as possible.

At DAS Integrator, we do the pixel mapping and configuration based on the lighting architect, owner and contractor information. The type of control can be DMX protocol, Color Kinetics, KNX protocol or some other proprietary protocol. We will first assess whether the protocol and the type of effect are doable and whether we are capable of doing the project based on the requirement and time frame.

As we integrate systems, we realised some devices are needed to make systems work better or to assist in commissioning and testing. And thus, we develop and produce our own lighting control products and other interface products. The products available are on this site.

We integrate Lighting Management System (LMS) into buildings for a good lighting control design to eliminate energy waste while providing a productive visual environment. We also develop customised software according to user need for controlling and/or integrating systems.